1. This My Life

From the recording I AM RAM

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This My Life
By Ryan Marquez
© 2020 Conscious Keys
These dreams keep me up at night
But I’m not tired at all
The monsters inside my head
They won’t scare me no more
I try to run but instead
I’m about to face it
‘Cuz This My Life

Verse 1
Yo this my life so let me tell you real quick
If you’re on my team don’t fumble or miss the pitch
Come strong on the shot or don’t come at all
You need a game winner? Then pass me the ball!
When I was young, taught to to ask permission
As I grew up learned better to ask forgiveness
Told me to get a college education
Turns out real life’s the best graduation
Felt a deep sense of a much greater purpose
that pushed me through years of feeling totally worthless
Now I believe I’m 100 deserving
As long as a higher power my life serving
Learned a hard lesson in cuffs, drunk and slurring
Now from the ashes my Phoenix rebirthing
No stopping my sunlit fire from burning
I AM RAM here for mass consciousness herding


Verse 2
Born a high Chief in a state of Missouri
Forever Royal from birth starts my story
Baptized by soul, indoctrinated by jazz
but we all know hip hop’s where it’s actually at
Raised up on Drury in the hood of my fam
Next to a train yard and Indian Mound
Learned self reliance on Independence Ave
Owe my foundation of Love to Mom and Dad
Moved out to the Arch Gate of the West
Now I’ve slayed both sides with MO’s best
My game’s where truth and love intersect
bout time you showed RAM some respect
If you’re feeling me then let’s connect
And together we take full effect
to the rise in higher consciousness
Through death, Love resurrects