From the recording I AM RAM

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Put You In Yo Place
By Ryan Marquez
© 2020 Conscious Keys

You didn’t have to make it so personal
You were the one that couldn’t let go
Made no effort as it burned to the ground
Now you’re running around fryin’ egg on my face
Time to Put You In Yo Place

Verse 1
Could you tell by the lack of reaction that I lost all attraction
To your childish antics and your one sided tactics
To denote my status?
Ooh you’re so dramatic
And on what planet did you think I’d phantom?
It’s definitely a sin to perpetually spin truth to always play the victim
When you gonna take responsibility for your part in ancient history?
Doesn’t really matter what you’re doing right now I’mma testify
That This My Life I’mma Keep The Faith, Finally, Put You In Yo Place

Chorus 2x

Verse 2
Did you really think I wouldn’t speak to the lack of work you put towards the dream?
Don’t start me up if you ain’t down to go
I’m not afraid to lose control
Won’t hold back ‘til nothing’s left
Yesterday’s lost to fate’s sweet kiss
Don’t dismiss your part in this as the gas and spark that got the fire lit
I’m not lost without you
And I’mma still live up to any serious miscue that I put you through
But don’t get used to acting cuckoo with your silly voodoo
I know word jujitsu too
Your lack of class is a crying disgrace
Put You In Yo Place

Chorus 2x