1. You Are Free

From the recording I AM RAM

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You Are Free
By Ryan Marquez
© 2020 Conscious Keys

Verse 1
If in this world we live today you find you might have lost your way
While waiting on your dreams to come true
Then follow your heart is what you want to do
If living in a world where trapped in fear
The place for love has never been near
Deep in your heart you know it’s true
There’s nobody else as good as you
And just know it gets better

You Are Free
If you wanna be
When you create your reality
Live for truth
It’s the only way to find what it means to follow your dreams

Verse 2
When hard times come and good times go
It’s only your heart that can build the road
To make life your own and refind your way
It starts with the words that you choose to say
What’s stoppin’ you from following through
Living those dreams like they were meant to come true?
Listen to self, there’s nobody else
To live a life as good as you
I know it gets better
I know it gets better

Chorus 2x

If only in dreams we see what it means
To be anyone, anywhere or anything
There’s no better day to make life our own way
At anytime or any space
Let’s live for today and take the higher way
No such thing as mistakes
We’re making our dreams come true

Chorus 2x