1. Be You

From the recording I AM RAM

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Be You
By Ryan Marquez
© 2020 Conscious Keys

Verse 1
Be You
No matter what you’re going through
Your past is behind you
Keep your head up high
Look up to the sky
The future is now
Your dreams are closer than they’ve ever seemed
All you gotta do is believe
Keep your hands held high
Reach up to the sky
There’s no stopping you now

Verse 2
Be You
No matter what you’ve got to do
If you want to live a life in truth
Then be here now
It’’s the only way to save you
Your life doesn’t happen twice
It speeds fast as light
Your dreams will come true
If you just live them

You can take the whole wide world from me
But you can’t stop me from being me
You see, we can have it all
If we don’t drop the ball
How beautiful this world can be