Behind The Scenes Look at Ryan Marquez's New Single "Serenity" feat. Anita Jackson and Dawn Weber

The team was out in full force in the name of "Saint Unity" on a beautiful spring day at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Lenny Mink, Kurtis Gibbs and the Lotown Crew captured magic with Anita Jackson for our new single "Serenity", due out on April 30th, 2021. We also had some guests on set with us in Eric Luther Ingram, Phil "Fish" Fisher (of Fishbone) and we bumped into Ahsati Nu. The day was filled with lots of love, laughter and attention from the folks wondering what the heck we were doing!! haha Anita and I always have great convos whenever we are together. She is such a wise soul and we speak the same spiritual language!


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