Open Air Jazz Fest Recap 2021 by Ryan Marquez feat. Darrell Mixon, Gary Sykes, Dawn Weber and Josiah Joyce (St. Louis, MO)

Sponsored by The Kranzberg Arts Center, Jazz St. Louis, 88.7 WSIE "The Sound" and Kendrick Smith, a legendary day occurred in St. Louis Missouri. An all star cast of 5 sets worth of music featuring Janet Evra, Anita Jackson, Dawn Weber, Kendrick Smith, Scooter Brown Jr., Adam Maness, Joe Hibbs, Demarius Hicks, Gary Sykes, Josiah Joyce, Darrell Mixon, Ptah Williams, Marty Morrison, Jason Swagler, Bob Deboo, Ben Wheeler, Bernard Terry, Kasimu Taylor, Brady Lewis, Will Buchannon, and me, Ryan Marquez! An award of achievement was given to legendary STL bass player, Darrel Mixon.



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